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I l m a y a t i

Place and Date of Birth : Mataram, 25 July 1988
Nationality : Indonesia
Marital Status : Single
Last Education : S1
GPA : 3.06 (scale 4.00)
Hobbies : Reading, writing, traveling
I'm easily motivated, interested and willing to learn something new. I'd love to gain more experience. And definitely have no problem in adapting to a new environment.


Graduate in Electrical Engineering Department From Faculty of Technology, Mataram University

    • Computer Assemby and Design Printing Training
    • Basic Training of Photography
    • Basic Training and Education of IT


2009 Lecturer Assistant (Teach Database)
2011 Internship at IT Center in Facuty Of Technology, Mataram University
2013 Freelancer at De-Er Enterprise (Event Organizer)
2014 Computer Laboratory Assistant at STMIK Bumigora Mataram (Teach Database and Basic Programming)
2017 IT Staff at Pascasarjana, Mataram University

Microsoft Office
Basic Programming (PHP, HTML, CSS)
Database (MSQL)
Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop)


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